: CMFA Cheerleading


Coquitlam Minor Football and Cheer is more than just about football. We have cheerleading programs for kids aged six to eighteen. The program is broken into four age categories: Atom (6-8 year olds), Peewee (9-11 year olds), Junior Bantam (12-14 year olds) and Seniors (15-18 year olds).

During the football season all cheerleaders participate on game day for their respective teams usually at home but for some associations they also travel to away games. As well when football teams make the playoffs the associated cheer squad will follow their team including final playoff games.

Near the end of the season there is also the annual competition which is held at a lower mainland high school. Each association has the opportunity to enter all their squads as well as sets of “pairs” for performances. In order to participate the cheerleaders must have participated in weekend game day cheerleading as well as be in good standing with the team.  This is a big day packed full of cheer action and stunning routines.

All Star Cheer is competitive cheerleading that takes place during the spring. Competitive cheer is when cheer squads compete against each other at competitions. At a typical cheer competition, teams perform a 2 minute routine with music that includes stunts, jumps, tumbling. Teams are judged by a panel of cheerleading experts on difficulty and execution. All star cheer squads, who are not affiliated with a school, exist solely to compete. Teams compete based on age and difficulty level (1-6, 6 being the most difficult). Competing as a cheerleader is challenging, athletic, and so much fun!