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: About Us

Our Mission

What the Club does and what is expected of us:

Coquitlam Minor Football & Cheer association's direction is to foster, develop and promote the game of football to all members within a safe, supportive and positive environment. The association is committed to supporting and encouraging player development, which is achieved by consistent and quality coaching, training academies, and age-appropriate competitions so that every player's maximum potential can be reached. Our aim is to provide an encouraging and inspiring football experience for all our members in a way that develops and enhances their skills and passion for the game.

CMFA aims to provide all players with equal opportunity to develop their football skills and to learn the game, regardless of age, gender, physical abilities or background; we are inclusive to all who walk on our fields. Coquitlam Minor Football & Cheer encourages and promotes good sportsmanship, teamwork, community involvement, and respect; these serve as the foundation for all games, activities, academies and players associated with the club. Every CMFA member deserves to enjoy the game, have fun and make lasting friendships


Value Statement

The following values and guiding principles are fundamental to the well being of our Association:

  • Honesty and commitments to the highest level of professional integrity
  • Promotion and maintenance of a family friendly culture at the club, based on mutual respect in the relationships between the association, executive members, players, referees, visiting associations and associated supporters
  • Avoidance of imposing any personal morality views on association members, players, referees, visiting associations and associated supporters
  • Adherance to all codes of conduct that each member has signed: player, coach, parent and executive
  • Promotion and maintenance of a high level of sportsmanship in playing football both within our own association and when away visiting other associations
  • Open, concise and transparent channels of communication
  • Recognition of our community service obligations to provide a foundation and stable platform for youth development
  • Respect and compassion for the dignity of ethnic backgrounds and cultural diversity